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Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

How You Can Find The best RentApartmani Beograd
Von playfulhints, 16:58

The rocky hill higher than the junction of two powerful European rivers Danube and Sava was suitable for establishing this town. Over the centuries, the city has changed many residents and lords, its appearance and size, but never its dominant position. Its walls would whiten to newcomers with the river therefore it finally got the name Beograd (Serbian translation: a white city). The traveler who sailed under the walls of Belgrade from far lands could well be excited by its sturdy fortress, tower height and castle symmetry on the top of the hill. Driven with the river breeze, gliding near the city, new squares, streets and buildings, a boat would eventually find its peace within the city's ports. As well as the traveler which we call tourist today, could see within the ship calendar that this year is 1403, early start of the XV century. That year, the very first time, Belgrade became a capital of Serbia. During that time despot Stefan, the son of prince Lazar, was the lord of Serbia. Trying to find a spot to establish Serbia's capital on the far north, using skillful diplomatic negotiations he been able to acquire Belgrade from your Hungarians. It took him only 23 years to go a completely deserted and devastated area to a new and shining city. In Charter issued with the city, despot Stefan wrote: I have got found the most amazing place since time immemorial, the fantastic town of Belgrade that could be by case ruined and deserted. I raised it and specialized in Holy Virgin. Gather more information information regarding Rentapartmani visit this link.

Author of the most beautiful lines of old Serbian literature and an avid reader, Despot Stefan primarily wanted to make Belgrade an economic, cultural and religious center of the country, as an educated and sophisticated man.

With many significant economic benefits written in the Charter, who had a golden stamp with all the city's picture, Despot Stefan has attracted many artisans, merchants and other residents, from his and also other countries. Desiring to provide safe stay to every city's newcomers, despot Stefan first restored the existing fortifications, defensive towers and walls.

Stefan then built "Gornji grad" (the upper town) along with a palace complex like a separate entity protected by way of a mighty tower, called Nebojsa, along with a door having a movable bridge. There he lived along with his family along with other nobles.

However, the city life was conducted in the lower city, where the momentum of trade and craft through Despot's reductions was so overwhelming that the city increased tenfold. Aside from the Serbian traders, Belgrade was largely inhabited and visited because of the Dubrovnik citizens as well as the Hungarians, and a smaller amount of french, the Italian, the Venetians and the like. In today's terms, it can be concluded that among other things, Belgrade would be a very well developed tourist town where people would shop. Belgrade market offering was rich and varied. Most exported goods were mercury, lead, copper, ore and precious gold, silver and metals. cheese, Leather and wax followed. candies, Salt and spices expensive fabrics, clothing and jewelry pearls were imported. Consequently the purchasing power of Belgrade citizens was in the advanced level since this type of requirement for luxury goods existed. In such a richly populated city there were a religious seat of your Serbian state, a seat within the Belgrade metropolitan. With the purpose the despot builds metropolitan church "Uspenije preciste Vladicice", for the east side on the town in any spacious garden decorated with some other plantation. In addition to this there was clearly several churches or even a Catholic diocese which utilised by foreigners.

Belgrade reached the development of this kind as a result of a peaceful period and skilled and wise policy of Despot Stefan, to ensure the numerous towers and walls did not have to offer to ward off enemies. Travelers from various places, through the east and south, west and north could safely browse the capital of Serbia.

Belgrade warmly received they and them would have a nice memory of it. Belgrade still is this kind of city - hospitable and friendly. So visit Belgrade, a city which became the capital of Serbia 600 years ago for the first time, and to this day it remained a economic, tourist and cultural center. To learn more about RentApartmani Beograd see our website.


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